June 6

A Lover Who Must Die – lyrics



You took me as your lover on a cold and starry night
And you kept me warm, til the morning, warm and bright
You showed me a bright future, you showed me a dark past
You tried to tell me secrets, but you spoke too fast
You took me in your temple, you took me to be damned
I was your offering to love, your sacrificial lamb
Your tears were salty on your lips as you said goodbye
To one more lover lost to you, a lover who must die

You took me as your lover, in a moment I was lost
You tried to calm me down as I turned and as I tossed
Your nightmare was my orgasm, my terror was your peace
My healthy disposition was your flesh eating disease
Our winter full of discontent was blissfully hot
You turned me into everything I knew that I was not
Our lovers’ bodies naked like snow angels in the sky
Until you let me fall to earth, this lover who must die

You took me as your lover for a while and then no more
I shivered naked in the snow as you locked your back door
I shivered naked in your gaze as spring and summer passed
Till finally I froze to death, and I was born at last
But then I got your letter and my scars that never healed
They opened up and swallowed me, at your altar where I kneeled
Again I was in your embrace, again I bled and cried
Just one more lover, lost in time, a lover who must die


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