June 6

All I Have to Give – lyrics



You look at me now as if I’ve gone mad
You just don’t believe that I said what I said
You never wanted friendship or even respect
Guess when it comes to me, babe
You never know what to expect

You know I’m a drinker, you know that I lie
But you never knew I was this kind of guy
You never thought we could be any good
You thought I would hurt you
And maybe I should

I’ll give you my heart, I’ll sell you my soul
I’ll die for your love babe, I’ll make it my goal
I’ll give you my life and death, all I have to give
I’ll kill for you love babe, if you don’t want to live

You’re my disfunction, my codependancy
You’re everything that’s the matter with me
You’re my every problem, and every vice
And if you want my whole world, babe
I wouldn’t think twice

I’ll give you… (*2)

I look at you now, I must have gone mad
I know I’m alone now
And I know that you’re dead


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