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Now, I have been a musician for most of my life, and I have written and recorded a great deal of songs, performed live more times than I can count, and amassed mountains of live recordings, demos, videos and more. The list goes on and on. I’ve made this stuff, and then it’s just been sitting on hard drives and clouds, collecting digital dust.

I’ve tried my best to keep this stuff together, and I never throw anything away (I’m a data hoarder), so I finally decided it was time to collect it all and create an online archive! In that archive I currently have hundreds of audio files, videos, photos, lyrics and more. In this special archive you’ll find everything from some of my first demos and live recordings to outtakes, my latest song demos and more. It’s my entire musical journey, documented, and shared in one private members area. And I’m adding new material all the time. This is basically my life’s work as a musician, up to this point.

In addition to the archives I’ll also host regular live internet concerts, provide members with first access to new music, and much more. It’s total access to me and my music, the total VIP treatment.

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The member’s area will be a chance for us to hang out. It’s going to make us a lot closer and give us a chance to bond. We’ll rob banks together before all of this is over.

Now, if all of that is not enough, you also get a monthly exclusive single, never released anywhere else before, as well as a creative diary in the form of an exclusive podcast. All of this gives you huge amounts of amazing stuff that will give you warm and fuzzy feelings, and tons of value every month. I mean, if you like the coziness of my music, you should sign up so you can get even more!

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  • Much, much, more.


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