June 6

Eggs – lyrics


We never saw it till it came
We didn’t know the rules of this game
We were too weak, too mismatched
And all that we made, and all that we saw
Made us ask: What’s it all for?
None of the eggs we laid will ever hatch

I will gather these eggs and then
I will lay them to rest in a lion’s den
And I will leave you here with your pins and your shoulder patch
But the eggs will never hatch
— Our love was a bleeding wound that turned into a scratch

They took the wind out of our sails
The heart that binds is the love that ails
I guess our team was never up to scratch
It’s time to fade into the night
It’s time to vanish out of sight
To mourn the eggs that will never hatch

I will gather these eggs and then…

We had our turn, we had our time
We must have gotten out of line
We didn’t know how to work the latch
And in our time, and in our place
We knew the name, we knew the face
But we were doomed to never hatch


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