Boosting Your Artistic Career With Accountability Partnerships

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Sometimes artists end up spinning their wheels and struggle to hold themselves accountable to reach their artistic goals. Why not get a fellow artist to help keep you accountable, so you can both reach your goals faster and boost your artistic career?

My guest on this episode is my accountability partner, Mariana, who has helped me really boost my artistic career over the past year. We discuss accountability partnerships, and why you should consider them for your career. We share our own experience, and tell you how you can go about getting started with your own accountability partnership and/or mastermind group. Make sure you listen to the end, because I surprise Mariana with a new goal that she’s going to hold me accountable for. And I’ll let you guys follow along with that as well.

The podcast has a new name! Since changing the focus a bit, I decided on a new name, so this is now the ART-ISM podcast. Still the same old show, but with a fresh new name and intro.

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I will see you soon! Go art yourself!

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