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Má bjóða þér minna? / Have Some Less is the perfect album to listen to as you curl up by the fire, have a sip of cocoa (or something stronger), listen to the wind blow outside and enjoy just being there, in your favorite comfy chair with the comforting sound of song soothing your very existence… You get the picture.

My lyrics have been praised as “clever” and “great stories,” and the music feels like coming home. If you enjoy artists like Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Neil Young, my music is going to dramatically enhance your life. You’ll have a better appreciation for the world at large, get a better job, meet better people and be at least 20% more productive.

(Ah, you know me – I love to oversell things a bit.)

But you really should click below and pick up a copy of my album. It’ll make us both so happy.

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