June 6

If I Was Your Man (Unfinished) – lyrics


if i was your man
all your wishes would come true
:i would do it all for you:
i would take you by the hand
and lead you from this land
if i was your man

if you were my man
the clouds would never part
:i know you’d break my heart:
it would be a sham
we would never sing again
if you were my man

if i was your man
you would never want a thing
:you’d be every song i sing:
i would be the best i can
i would save each grain of sand
if i was your man

if i was your man
and i was your girl
i’d give you the world
all you’d give me is a turd
you’re the little train who can’t
i’ll wait forever for your hand
so i can be your man
you’ll never be my man
i long to be your man
let it go, man


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