April 23

Lock This Door – Patreon Sample


Help me create more music!

Hey! Bat signal time! This is the part of our relationship when I ask you to help me out. (Spoiler alert: Being a singer-songwriter is not a high-paying gig.)

As you may know, I have a Patron Club. It’s sort of like Patreon, if you’re familiar with that, but it’s hosted on my site so it cuts out the middle man. It’s a place that allows all of you guys to become my patrons, my heros, my bosses (bosses? I thought I got into this to not have a boss… Crap…) It’s where you can help me make more music and reach more people, which is what this is all about. Making the world a nicer place.

Click here to check out the Patron Club right now!

It’s a place where I share a lot of great demos, audio recordings and videos from my archives, most of which has never been seen before. I also upload photos, lyrics and all kinds of stuff that’s never been seen before, including unfinished songs, incredibly raw demos and various things that will give you a glimpse into my creative process you can’t get anywhere else!

There will also be live hangouts, a creative diary and so much more. And of course, your patronage will go to a very good cause – buying me whisky and beer.

Here’s a sample of the stuff you may find on the Patreon page:

This is a recording from the first gig I played with my old band, Bad Days. The singer is my wonderful friend, Bryndís, who does this song so much better than I every could.

I would be humbled and outrageously happy if you would consider joining my Patreon page. And you will be happy too. As will so many people, who will get more music in their lives. So I really think you should join right now. Because if you don’t… Well… We won’t enjoy your great company in there.


See you on Patreon, my friend!



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