June 6

My Dear – lyrics



take me down to the river tonight
i will lay there by your side
we’ll lay there staring at the clouds
making love, but not too loud
and then you’ll take me away from here
won’t you, henry dear?

lay your head on my shoulder and sleep
pray the heavens your soul to keep
i’ll watch over you until you wake
listening to every noise you make
and i will take you away from here
you know it, becky dear

i don’t care that you’re older than me
i know what your glass eye can see
staring into my little soul
at all the secrets i’ve never told
and i will let you love me here
of course, henry dear

you’re nothing like the other girls
you make me good, you’re my whole world
you turn me into something new
everything i own, i owe to you
and i will always remember us here
you and me, becky dear


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