June 6

On The Edge of Town



There’s a place on the edge of town
Where I go when I’m feeling down
And they’re always friendly and they fill up my glass
It’s one of those places where
You can sit almost anywhere
You can talk, you can drink, you can get you some ass

There’s a girl there I like to meet
She sweeps me right off my feet
She drinks and talks dirty and she wears a red gown
And after a drink or two
We retire to her bedroom
And that’s all that happens on the edge of my town

That pretty little girl is trapped in that world
Each time I see her swear to take her away
But she says, listen to me, cat
It’s not as simple as all that
It’s all that I know, I have to stay

As the sun comes up there’s tears in her eyes
Her face is pink just like the skies
She tells me she’s pregnant, then she breaks down
But she still won’t let me take her away
My child won’t see the light of day
Cause she has to stay on the edge of my town


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