My Love Letter To Nick Cave

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So if you’ve heard my music or have been around me at all, it probably won’t come as a huge surprise to learn that I really love Nick Cave. He’s one of my all time favourite songwriters, and he’s been a huge influence on me and my songwriting throughout the years. Recently my wonderful wife […]

My folk band Góða fólkið live! (Full concert)

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So, here’s a little treat for you guys. I was recently asked to be a part of a new folk band. I said yes immediately, of course. We came up with a wonderful name (in Icelandic): Góða fólkið (It means the Good folk, but also kind of means The Social Justice Warriors). And we’ve been […]

I’m Going To Nashville!

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Some exciting news, everybody! I’m going to Nashville, Tennessee, to play the first Melodica festival there. Those of you who know me have probably heard me talk about the Melodica festival before. If not, I have a post about it here. Basically, the Melodica festival is a volunteer based international singer-songwriter festival, where artists get […]

Melodica Nashville – Hjálpið mér að komast til tónlistarborgarinnar

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Nú vantar mig hjálp! Ég er bókaður að spila á Melodica festival í Nashville í Tennessee eftir mánuð. Sem er frábært, nema þetta er dýrt spaug. Og þess vegna er ég með smá söfnun til að hjálpa mér að standa straum af þessu og láta drauminn um að spila í tónlistarhöfuðborginni rætast. Melodica hátíðin er […]

Safe – demo

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I don’t know how many demos there are of this song, but this is one of them!

Pour Me a Dream – demo

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The original demo for this song off my album A Bottle Full of Dreams.

Paradise Found – demo

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I like to write songs when my friends are having a hard time. I wrote this for a friend who was going through a lot. It’s a sort of a lullabye.

One of Those Girls

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I originally intended to open my album, A Bottle Full of Dreams with this song, and then end it with One of Those Boys. This one was cut out, but One of Those Boys stayed.

Too Easy – Demo

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Ah, yes, the dramatic side of One Bad Day. This was an experiment of sorts – I wanted to be extra theatrical and dramatic (and that’s saying a lot). What do you think? Does it work?

Never Leave – Unfinished

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I don’t really know where I was going with this song. I was trying to write more duets, but I don’t really think this one would have worked. Anyway, it’s a part of my journey and here it is for you guys. 🙂

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