Can Covers Make You A Better Songwriter? – With Shawn William Clarke

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Covers are a great tool to improve your songwriting skills, as well as your skills as a performer. My guest on this episode is Shawn William Clarke, and we discuss covers and how they can be useful to songwriters. If you like the podcast, please subscribe, share and review on your podcast platform of choice. […]

What If I’m Not Motivated To Write? – Songwriting Inspiration

What if I'm not motivated to write? Songwriting Inspiration.

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Sometimes the motivation for creativity is just not there. No matter how much we try, we just can’t get started on the song, or whatever it is we want to create. And you know what? That’s fine. I give you permission to lack motivation! If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe, share and review. I […]

Creativity And Mental Health

Of Dog Poo and Depression

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Do artists need to suffer to be creative? Is depression making you a better songwriter or artist in general? Spoiler alert: It’s not. In this episode I get a little serious and a little personal, and talk about my struggles with depression and anxiety, and how dangerous and damaging the myth of the suffering artist […]

The Power of Random – Songwriting Inspiration

The Power of Random

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Sometimes when you’re stuck for ideas in your songwriting, a bit of randomness can spark real magic. In this weeks nugget of inspiration, I suggest using random generators to get you going when you’re trying to write music but can’t come up with anything. Click here for the ChordChord random chord genenerator. Click here for […]

Avoid These Songwriting Pitfalls – With Svavar Knútur

Svavar Knútur

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Don’t make the songwriting process any harder than it has to be. I’m joined by my great friend and fantastic singer-songwriter Svavar Knútur to discuss some common mistakes that songwriters make. If you make sure to avoid these pitfalls, you will make your life as a songwriter much easier. Make sure you click here to […]

How To Force Yourself To Write – Songwriting Inspiration

Why I don't write love songs for my wife

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This is the first in a series of small nuggets of inspiration that I plan on posting once per week. These will not replace the long form version of the podcast, but rather be a second, shorter episode each week, talking about a single little thing you can use to spark your creativity when writing […]

How The Pros Use Imagery In Music – With John Oszajca

How The Pros Use Imagery With John Oszajca

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Imagery is one of the keys to really make your lyrics spark. It’s an elusive topic, but an important one, so I got a very special guest to help me digest it a little bit. My guest on this episode of the podcast is singer-songwriter John Oszajca, a fantastic Americana artist who writes great lyrics […]

5 Songwriting Challenges for 2019

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The new year is almost here! And I want us all to become better songwriters in 2019, so I’m issuing 5 challenges for myself and you guys. You can do some or all of these, and I am absolutely certain it will make you a better songwriter. I know it will make me better. If […]

How to Record a Demo

How to record a demo

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One of the key skills you’ll need as a songwriter is to know how to record a demo. I have a very methodical way of making demos for my songs, and in this episode I will share that method with you.  Making music has never been easier. You can get a decent microphone, audio interface […]

7 Tips For Better Lyrics

7 tips for better lyrics

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Have you struggled with writing lyrics to your songs? Do you get stuck or feel like you tend to repeat yourself? Well, I have some tips for you. Lyrics are my bread and butter. I’m a very lyric-centric guy, and these are my top tips for improving your lyrics and writing faster and better. I […]

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