Melodica Nashville – Hjálpið mér að komast til tónlistarborgarinnar

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Nú vantar mig hjálp! Ég er bókaður að spila á Melodica festival í Nashville í Tennessee eftir mánuð. Sem er frábært, nema þetta er dýrt spaug. Og þess vegna er ég með smá söfnun til að hjálpa mér að standa straum af þessu og láta drauminn um að spila í tónlistarhöfuðborginni rætast. Melodica hátíðin er […]

Cry Me a River – Live stream

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Hey, guys. I just jumped on a live stream and played one of my favorite covers to do. It was a very short stream, but I plan on doing some longer ones in the future. This was mostly to test my equipment, and I’m very happy with the results, so I thought I’d share it […]

Your Love Was Death To Me – Svavar Knútur cover

Svavar Knútur

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I have a favourite Icelandic singer songwriter (apart from myself, obviously (it’s important to love yourself (in a platonic, artistic way, I mean))). His name is Svavar Knútur, and he happens to be a wonderful friend. Last year, for his birthday, Svavar invited a bunch of artists to cover his songs, and put on a […]

Lock This Door – Patreon Sample

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Hey! Bat signal time! This is the part of our relationship when I ask you to help me out. (Spoiler alert: Being a singer-songwriter is not a high-paying gig.) As you may know, I have a Patron Club. It’s sort of like Patreon, if you’re familiar with that, but it’s hosted on my site so […]

A song for lost times and lost friends

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Hey, it’s time for music again! As some of you may know I’m working on an album of my theater music. If you’re not from Iceland you may not know this, but I’ve written music for a few theater productions here, and in fact one of them won a Gríman award, the Icelandic equivalent of […]

I’ve got a thing about my son calling me old

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I’m not getting any younger. None of us are, I guess. I’ve never really minded getting older, since I’ve always been very firm in my belief that with age comes wisdom. Although, if that’s true, I guess I’m not old at all. Hur hur. Anyway. I think we all have moments when we become really […]

Melodica Festival – the greatest music festival on earth!

Melodica Festival

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I want to tell you about the Melodica festival, my favorite music festival, and in my opinion the best place for any music lover. I play there every year. Here’s me playing it for the 10th time: If you’re reading this, I assume you love music. If you don’t, what’s wrong with you? Anyway. Music […]

First live stream (Twitch tryout)

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This was a stream I tried out on Twitch a while back. Thought I’d share it here. It wasn’t the best. Excuse all the long pauses between songs. I’m still learning this stuff. Check back soon for the first members’ only live stream!

Some of my work for theater

Í skugga Sveins

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I’ve been on the Icelandic folk music scene for about 15 years. I have released a solo album, as well as a few other things, and have traveled to various countries to perform, including Austria, Monaco, The Czech Republic, England, Denmark and more. It’s all been wonderful. But some of the best stuff I’ve done […]

Tom Traubert’s Blues (Tom Waits cover)

Tom Traubert's Blues (One Bad Day cover)

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I just thought I’d post a fun little Tom Waits cover here on my little web site. I recorded this a few years ago when I was experimenting with an effects processor I was using (sold it since). I’ve always loved singing this song, and do it live regularly. Maybe you’ll catch me doing it […]

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