June 6

Pour Me a Dream – lyrics


Your love will kill me, this i know,
but don’t let that stop you tonight.
If this is a nightmare, let me sleep on,
if not, can you give me a light?
Just pour me a kiss, and it’ll all be alright.


If I let my heart rule my head
I’m gonna drown myself in you.
If I don’t go to bed
there’s no telling what i’ll do.
So give me a light
and a lullaby or two –
pour me a dream of you…

You can shave me and take off my hat,
but you’ll never save me, I’m still a rat.
And there ain’t nothing you can say
to make me change my way.
Just pour me a bed, and I’ll sleep until it’s day.


We’ll kill each other, this we know
but let’s give in just this once.
And if I should die in your arms before dawn,
carry on –
just pour me a grave next to you.



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