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├Ź skugga Sveins

I’ve been on the Icelandic folk music scene for about 15 years. I have released a solo album, as well as a few other things, and have traveled to various countries to perform, including Austria, Monaco, The Czech Republic, England, Denmark and more. It’s all been wonderful. But some of the best stuff I’ve done over the past few years has been my work for theater. In fact my next album will be a collection of theater music. So I figured I’d share some of it with you!

So below are a few of the songs I’ve written for theater over the past few years. Enjoy. ­čÖé

Folk on.

Ubbi k├│ngur – King Ubu

Leikf├ęlag Hafnarfjar├░ar, 2015

A production of Alfred Jarry’s absurdist play Ubu Roi.
We have taken this show to Austria, Monaco and the Czech Republic.

G├│├░i d├ítinn Svejk og Hasek vinur hans – The Good Soldier Svejk and his friend Hasek

Gaflaraleikh├║si├░, 2016

An adaptation of Jaroslav Hasek’s classic novel, The Good Soldier Svejk. I wrote the music and performed in the show.

├Ź skugga Sveins – In the shadow of Sveinn

Gaflaraleikh├║si├░, 2018

An adaptation of Skugga Sveinn, one of the oldest Icelandic plays. I wrote and performed the music, and played the title character. The show was nominated for two awards, and received the Gr├şma award for the best children’s show.

This is a song from the show, but was recorded at the Gr├şman awards.

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