June 6

That Sickening Feeling – lyrics


As I lay sleeping, I dreamed of her touch
I woke up alone and it hurt me so much
Hell can never burn me more than this
Chasing her shadow I sink into the abyss

The morning is darker than it’s ever been
I have the curse of the night on my skin
Cleopatra’s weeping, surrounded by men
And here comes that sickening feeling once again

All over town there are places like these
Places where people go down on their knees
Martyrs are born in the dawn’s early light
They carry that sickening feeling into the night

The night is the dream of anyone who ever wanted less from life
Scared to shine inside the chambers of someone else’s wife
And anyone who ever looked there, well they found just what they sought
They found that sickening feeling, yes they found that sickening feeling
They found that sickening feeling, inside their thoughts

There’s blood on the windows, there’s blood on the walls
The blood of the martyrs, it flows through the halls
The blood of innocents covers the floor
And here comes that sickening feeling, just like before

This our world when there’s no one around
Whores become saints, and saints become hounds
You swallow their poison and you do so with pride
But still there’s that sickening feeling deep inside


    I dreamed of your touch
    It was all too much
    I dreamed of your touch
    It was a sickening feeling to be your crutch

    I dreamed of your face
    I fell from your grace
    I dreamed of your face
    It was a sickening feeling to have you in my space

As you lay sleeping you dreamed of my touch
You sank into the river, it was all too much
And now you’re trapped here, inside of me
This is your world now, and nobody can see

Everyone laughs when they look at your soul,
You’re torn apart and you’re shunned if you’re whole
You’re nothing but money and sex to them now
And that sickening feeling you just can’t live without

Well they stab you and blind you and make you their own
From now on, you’re just as hard as a stone
Abused by their women and hurt by their men
And left with that sickening feeling once again


This is your world now and nobody sees
You’re sucking their egos, and you’re down on your knees
And all that you own for the rest of your days
Is that sickening feeling that will never, ever, ever go away


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