June 6

The Lady Who Spoke Up – lyrics


well you better let her know that she’s wrong, wrong, wrong
and you better not wait too long, long, long
or she might get it in her head that she’s right
you know she might
and therein lies the rub

  • the lady who spoke up

tell her that she’s smelly and a pain, pain, pain
tell her that she needs another brain, brain, brain
ask her if she’s ever gotten laid
if she gets paid
and spit into her cup

  • the lady who spoke up

tell her that she’ll never find a man, man, man
ask her to go fuck herself, if she can, can, can
say she’s worse than hitler and mao
go tell her now
tell her she needs a stub

  • the lady who spoke up

tell her that she’s gonna have to pick, pick, pick
stop whining or you’ll never get a proper dick
say she’s an extremist feminist
she’s a terrorist
her cunt’s a disgusting, overgrown shrub

  • the lady who spoke up

if she keeps this up she will be snubbed, snubbed, snubbed
she needs to be stuffed full of cocks to shut her up, up, up
like all her kind she want to get raped
and i want it taped
she wants to have her way and never stop
the lady who spoke up


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