June 6

You’re Right Here (early draft of She’s Right Here) – lyrics


You’re Right Here

I see you at the bar, singing about the moon
You sing the wrong words and you sing out of tune
You say: if we’re going we have to leave soon

I don’t cuss like a sailor, I makes sailors blush
I’ve got terrible plans for the two of us
But you know I’m in a hurry, cause I need to catch the last bus

I don't know where you've been
I don't know where you're going   
I don't know what you've seen   
    And why should I care
    when all I know is   
    that you're right here...

You lead me outside, you lead me by force
I hail a cab, // and I’m paying of course
And the moment we get in, you climb on top of your horse

Your tattoos are wild, obnoxious and loud
I don’t get along with them, they feel like a crowd
You play me your favorite song, For Crying Out Loud

I don't know...   

The sky is pink, and so are my eyes
I know that I’m changed, for the rest of my life
I know that you’re the one I’ll make my wife

I don't know...


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