June 6

Blue Skies



Here I stand, and there you are
Laughing at my scars
I gave you all I had, even the sweat on my brow
You gave me nothing. And you’re leaving now?
Let me ask you one question – are you happy now?

It was oh so long ago
You were sitting at my show
I was singing to make you mine, but I didn’t know how
I poured my heart out, and where is it now?
The question remains – are you happy now?

I just gotta know – Are you happy now?

The turning point has come and gone
And you’ve left me alone
I tried my best to get behind the plow
I’ve sacrificed it all, and look at me now
So tell me before I go – are you happy now?
I just gotta know – are you happy now?
Tell me before you go – are you happy now?


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