June 6

Come to Mama – lyrics



ditch that girl, she’s a good for nothing whore
you left home, and you don’t love your mama no more
pansy boy, you’re less of a man than your pa
one eyed freak, you’re not too good for your ma

come to mama, come to mama, henry dear
come to mama, come to mama

pathetic prick, no better than all of the rest
you should have learned, by now that mama knows best
bernie’s gone, that good for nothing fool
be like him, and i won’t make you wear dresses to school

come to mama...

you want kids, and you want to marry that slut?
you want a home, and windows that you can shut?
just like your pa, just a dreamer without a brain
and just like him, you’ll die from drink and from pain

come to mama...

mama knows best, better than your sisters for sure
come back home, i won’t beat you as much as before
i hate your face, but you’re coming with me, stupid fool
if you don’t, i’ll kill you, like i killed your pet mule

come to mama...


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