June 6

Disposable Things – lyrics


take a plastic cup and throw it to the ground
grab a paper plate and spin it around
take a mountain of disposable things, and burn it to the ground
take what’s left and build a diamond ring
you and me, we’re disposable things

take a razor blade and break it in half
grab a little toy that can walk and laugh
take a bunch of soda cans and build a golden calf
set it on fire and hear the people sing
we were nothing more than a disposable thing

the sky may fall tonight when we’re in bed
but that plastic cup will be here long after we’re dead
we may die, and i’m getting a head start
but who can mend a rotting plastic heart?

throw a paper plane at a house of cards
break a bottle and dance with me on the shards
you’re just a paper soul to use and then discard
i’m junk you should throw away, but you cling
i’m just a used up, useless disposable thing

the sky may fall tonight …

you were an airplane pillow, i’m sad to say
something to rest my head on for a day
and when i was done with you i threw you away
you’re a plastic heart, you’re a burning ring
you’ll last forever, you’ll be the last song i sing
for centuries you’ll be in my heart and you’ll sting
my everlas*ting disposable thing
my final regret, my disposable thing
i love you forever, my disposable thing


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