June 6

Henry and Mama – lyrics



oh henry, what have you done?
oh henry, did you stab mom?
let’s just leave her right here, and say we were gone

oh henry, what’ll you do now?
oh henry, they’ll get you somehow
you should run, you should hide, just get out

i know she was mean, i understand
she never wanted you to be a man
no one will blame you, they’ll all be glad

oh henry, look at all this blood
oh henry, it’s like the great flood
you should go, you should run, here come the cops

if you go away, it won’t be long
you’ll get out for a song
we all love you, you did nothing wrong

oh henry, i guess it’s prison for you
for henry and fifteen thousand and two
it’s so crowded, you’ll get out before the decade is through
see you soon


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