June 6

Henry – lyrics


Henry wake up
We must catch the next train
Shake off your dreams and shake off your pain

See how they run
See how they cry
See how they live and see how they die

Your mama is gone
She can’t hurt you now

I’ll wipe off your tears, and the sweat from your brow

Henry wake up (I was dreaming I guess)
It’s time to move on (I was dreaming of you)
I guess we must go back where we came from

See how they run (I watched them go down)
See how they hide (I watched them all drown)
You took them in, you took them inside

Your mama is gone (I’m so sorry mom)
She won’t hurt you no more (She’s long dead and gone)

You watched her die you took care of her

Henry my dear
You let me down
You watched me die, you watched me drown


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