June 6

Silence is Best (unfinished) – lyrics


It doesn’t matter if you don’t wanna say
whatever happened to you that day
and you can forever have your way
as long as you’re here, in my arms you rest
sometimes silence is best

I want to comfort you and dry your tears,
but words and thoughts are neither here nor there.
There’s nothing to fret, nothing to fear
There’s no need to speak, don’t feel stressed,
sometimes silence is best

There may have been violence, there may have been rape.
If you want silence, your thoughts you can drape
My arms can be yours, they can be your escape.
In the quiet night, I feel so blessed.
sometimes silence is best

Now rest your head against my shoulder and cry
I won’t judge and I won’t ask why
If you need to make a sound you can curse at the sky
But don’t say a word, lay on my chest
Sometimes silence is best

A bottomless well for your tears is my breast
Sometimes silence is best


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