June 6

House of Thieves – lyrics



God said unto Abraham: Deliver unto me your son
And God said unto Mohammed: Treat all men as one
God said unto Isaac: No harm will come to thee
And God said unto Buddha: Make the people see
But God never asked for anything
Except for love and peace
And now men of God ask for diamonds and gold
Every day, in the house of thieves

Books have been written with stories of how the world begins
Stories of men of virtue, stories of men of sin
Stories of how the martyrs died, and how we ought to live
Stories of gods and the wonderful things, they sometimes give
But could the people who wrote those stories
Ever have forseen
That their prophets would be sold for profit
A million times a day, in the house of thieves

Moses led the jews out of Egypt, Mohammed brought his people faith
People would travel for miles and miles to hear what John the baptist had to say
Krishna tried to bring us wisdom, he tried to dry our tears
Siddartha sat down under a tree and meditated for a thousand years
And Jesus Christ of Nasareth
Was born on a starry Eve
And now he’s on sale for 19.99
On display on the top shelf, in the house of thieves

You might believe in heaven, you might believe in hell
You might believe in the tolling of the judgement bell
You might believe in hatred, you might believe in love
You might believe in nature, or you might believe in god above
But if you put a pricetag
On the things that you believe
Don’t you know that you are living
In a penthouse suite, in the house of thieves


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