June 6

Let’s Conquer The World (unfinished) – lyrics



if we want to be happy, then that’s what we’ll do
but i don’t know if that’s working for me or for you
we can quit our drinking, whenever we choose
and we just might, once we get rid of all this booze
we’re waiting for something, waiting to be saved,
and meanwhile we’re digging our own little graves

let’s quit our drinking, and sleeping around
i’m sure we can make it, now buy the next round
we’re sweet, loving people, with terrible taste
let’s conquer the world and then let it go to waste

if i’m doomed i’d rather be doomed with you
and if i’m headed for disaster, i’m glad you are too
my soul is banged up, scratched up and worn
and my heart has been trod on, broken and torn
i’m waiting for someone so steadfast and true
but until i find him, i guess i’ll settle for you


we all have our bad days, and i’ve had my share
i can’t go to hell when i die, cause i’ve spent my whole life there
you might not be heaven, but you’re better than this
be my purgatory, now give me a kiss
you’re waiting for someone, to take you away
from all this shit, and i just might, someday


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