June 6

It’s Over – lyrics



like a dog without a bone
like a kid without a home
like a foot without a sock
like a ship without a dock
i’ve been searching for someone like you

like a ball without a toss
like a win without a loss
like a growl without a fang
like a yin without a yang
i’ve been searching for a girl just like you

but now it’s over, it’s over, i guess it’s true
i’ll never find another girl like you

like a night without it’s day
like a hunter with no prey
like a key without a door
like a game without a score
i’ve been lost without someone like you

but now it’s over, it’s over, i guess we’re through
it’s over, but i won’t feel blue

like a glass without a drink
like a float without a sink
like a dam without a flood
like a cut without blood
i’m lost until i get rid of you

it’s over, it’s over, now you’re through
it’s over, and i might be too
it’s over, it’s over, i guess it’s true
yeah, it’s over, i’ll never take one better than you


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