June 6

She’s Right Here – lyrics


At the bar there’s a lady who sings about the moon
She sings the wrong words and she sings out of tune
She says if we’re going we have to go soon

She doesn’t cuss like a sailor, she makes sailors blush
She’s got terrible plans for the two of us
She says she in a hurry, ‘cos she needs to catch the last bus

I don't know where she's been
I don't know where she's going   
I don't know what she's seen   
    And why should I care
    when all I know is   
    that she's right here...

She leads me outside, she leads me by force
She hails a cab, and I’m paying of course
And the moment we get in, she climbs on top of her horse

Her tattoos are wild, obnoxious and loud
I don’t get along with them, they feel like a crowd
She plays me her favorite song, For Crying Out Loud

I don't know...   

The sky is pink, and so are my eyes
I know that I’m changed, for the rest of my life
I know that she’s the one I’ll make my wife

I don't know...


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