June 6

Swimming With The Sharks – lyrics



A midget with a hat and pointy shoes
Is trying to get a cat to sing the blues
You’ve got nothing to gain, nothing but pain
but you got everything to lose
You’re playing in the dark
You’re swimming with the sharks

That guy thinks he’s a sexy beast
He’s about to sink, this is a fight, not a feast
He doesn’t need a drink, the only thing to save him, i think
is a priest
he’s got the bite but not the bark
He’s swimming with the sharks

The man is gonna take your money away
You’re not allowed to leave, unless you wanna stay
You’ve had your fun, you’re much to young
And it’s time to pay
You’re running naked in the park
You’re swimming with the sharks

This is the soundtrack to your fall from grace
The sound of the rubbing of leather on lace
They help you unwind, they rob you blind
and then they hit you in the face
You got no more clever remarks
You’re swimming with the sharks


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