May 10

The Little Things – Vlog


So… This year has not gone as planned. I decided to start a vlog, to stay sane in these weird times. I hope you enjoy it! If you head to my YouTube channel and click “subscribe” and click the notification bell next to it, it would mean the world to me.

Folk on, my friends. Hope you’re all healthy and safe.


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Trouble – A Short Story

Trouble – A Short Story
  • That was nice,thank you.I’m a essential front line retail worker,where we sell feed for animals and other essentials,as well as a garden nursery with veg starts and seeds.I and my co workers are EXHAUSTED DEPRESSED and a little frightened.I am so grateful to still go to work.I do a lot of over thinking. I’m also a chronic hugger,whose hands have been tied.every day we ate bombarded with frighteded people, with masks,gloves,I’m hopingthat the world gets it now,to be restricted and have our freedom yanked from us,to be more about the community not just ourselves,to understand that war is a rich white man’s constant game of profit ,where are the terrorists now? The little things that make us are the things that will save us ,it is time to slow down ,get off this corporate wheel of modern day slavery

  • Hi from New York. Couldn’t agree with you more, right now a ray of sun is shining brightly through my window and it’s a little thing like this that makes me feel alright.

  • thanks for the pep talk. Tho, contrary to your reaction, I found a lot of time to write a lot of songs. Someday. we will get to Iceland for the lagoon and the northern lights. Peace.

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