November 27

The Story Of My Life So Far – Told Through My Music


OK, this isn’t really an autobiography. This is more a brief overview of some of the demos and things you’ll find in the Archive. It’s a sort of a creative journey, if you will.

Some of the oldest stuff in the archives are songs written when I was still finding my voice, and they’re a bit like baby pictures. I love them, but they’re not necessarily stuff I would proudly display today. But that’s the point of this place! I’m holding nothing back. Here are a couple of examples.

But of course I’ve grown a lot since then. Here’s a song I wrote more recently.

And here’s one of my latest.

That latest one is from my album, Henry, coming out in 2021.

I really hope you enjoy this web site, and my music. If you like these songs, you can hear dozens more in the archives. I hope you’ll forgive some of them for being rough around the edges – they’re beautiful freaks.

Let me know what you think, down below, and don’t be a stranger.

Folk on.


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