Down By The River – Neil Young Cover

Neil Young


I don’t know about you, but I just love Murder Ballads. Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads is one of my favourite albums. And a lot of my favourite songs have murder and death in them. Also, some of my own. Is that morbid? I have a feeling I’m coming off as a bit creepy right now. […]

A song for lost times and lost friends


Hey, it’s time for music again! As some of you may know I’m working on an album of my theater music. If you’re not from Iceland you may not know this, but I’ve written music for a few theater productions here, and in fact one of them won a Gríman award, the Icelandic equivalent of […]

How To Make A Full Time Living As A Performing Artist

How To Make A Full Time Living As A Performing Artist

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My good friend and professional singer-songwriter, Svavar Knútur, has a lot of invaluable, actionable tips for how to make a full time living as a performing artist. Listen in on our conversation as he gives me, and any performing artist, in any field, really, wonderful tips on how to get started, and how to avoid […]

How Constraints Can Make The Songwriting Process Easier | Songwriting Inspiration

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Start with just one chord, just one word, just one note. Set yourself really tight constraints when you start writing to spark something unique and avoid the dreaded blank page syndrome. In this weeks nugget of songwriting inspiration I talk about really constraining yourself in the songwriting process to make it easier to get started. […]