I’m Going To Nashville!

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I’m playing the Melodica festival in Nashville next month!

Some exciting news, everybody! I’m going to Nashville, Tennessee, to play the first Melodica festival there. Those of you who know me have probably heard me talk about the Melodica festival before. If not, I have a post about it here.

Basically, the Melodica festival is a volunteer based international singer-songwriter festival, where artists get to hang out, perform and get to know other artists from all over the world. The first Melodica took place in Melbourne, Australia in 2007, and later that same year they had one in Reykjavík, Iceland. I’ve played the Melodica festival in Reykjavik every year since the beginning, and last year I played it in Nottingham, England. This year we also started a new Melodica in my hometown of Hafnarfjörður, which is a harbour town just outside Reykjavík, the capital.

This festival is always the highlight of my year, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to get to go to the Americana capital of the world to play my songs in the beautiful, loving environment that the Melodica spirit tends to create. I’m also planning on playing some showcases and stuff like that, because hey – I’ll be in Nashville!

I’m leaving for Nashville on October 16th, and I will be posting a tour diary in my Facebook group, so by all means join that and come along on my journey, if only digitally.

The Melodica festival in Nashville will take place on the 18th and 19th of October, at the Just Love Coffee Café and The Old Line, in Nashville. If you or any music lovers you know will be in the Nashville area at that time, come on down, and of course, spread the word! Entry is donation based, and all the money that comes in goes towards the travel expenses of artists such as myself.

And of course, if you’re based in that area, get in touch! I’d love to catch up for a beer or something.

Finally, here’s a video of me playing the Melodica festival in Reykjavík a few years ago.

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