Introducing My Nashville Tour Diary

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So, as I told you a few weeks ago, I’m going to Nashville. In fact, I’m leaving today!

I’m not going to be posting here a lot while I’m gone. I’ll probably put together a recap of the tour once I get back, but I’m not going to be doing a tour diary on here.

Instead, I’m going to be documenting the trip in my Facebook group, which you should definitely join if you haven’t already. It’s a fun community of songs and stuff, and you should be there!

Starting today I’m going to be documenting my whole trip on there, so by all means follow along. And again, if you’re in the Nashville area, get in touch! Come see me play the Melodica festival, and let’s have a beer or something.

Folk on!

  • Bruce Schmidt says:

    Happy trails, traveling minstrel, safe travels!!

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